Year 4

Year 4 Picasso

We are a lively and creative class, excited to start our learning adventure in Year 4 Picasso!

We are really excited about our new topic, India. We will be learning about popular Indian food, Bollywood dance and India’s geographical features. This term we will have the opportunity of celebrating everything we’ve learnt in Geography and History.

Did you know that many children in our class speak additional languages? Some of the children speak Spanish, so maybe they’ll be able to help us with our Spanish learning. In Spanish we are going to be having conversations, and learning to describe people and things.

We are learning about how electricity works, how to build electrical circuit and as well how to be safe when working with electricity. We will be making our own switches using different materials. Later on in the term we will also learn about states of matter and we will have the opportunity of doing scientific investigations related to the topic.