Year 2

Year 2 Caterpillars

Two Caterpillars have started the new academic year with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. They have impressed their teacher with their perseverance, willingness to learn and ‘have a go’ mind sets. Our learning days are fast paced and full of new and exciting information and skills. So far we have been practising our handwriting, spellings and mental maths every day and we are seeing lots of improvement.

 Our focus story in English was “Where the Wild things are” and we explored this story through drama, Talk for Write and even heard it being read to us in Spanish. As a result we collected lots of interesting vocabulary which we then used to produce our own versions of the book. We are looking forward to learning about traditional stories next.

In Gymnastics we have been practising our forward rolls and can now roll whilst holding a hoop which is called rhythmic gymnastics. Our teacher was particularly impressed with the way we persevered and kept on rolling even though it was tricky! We are devising, performing and improving our own gymnastics routine.

Year 2 Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers have made a fantastic start to Year Two, really impressing their teacher with their positive attitude to learning. The children talked about the things that enable us to be good learners and came up with the following ideas; we persevere, we help each other, we share learning, we learn from our mistakes, we ‘give it a go’, we try our best, we ‘go step by step’ and we listen well.

Great progress has already been made in the key skills that children have been practising every day. Lots of Grasshoppers are proud of their handwriting progress, including using diagonal joins for the first time. Children are working hard to learn new spelling rules, and spelling ‘common exception words’ which are words that don’t follow normal spelling rules. We have read some enjoyable stories together and have practised looking for clues that the author has written to help us make predictions about what might happen next. Children say they have really enjoyed our Little Red Riding Hood ‘Talk for Write’.

In maths we have been practising partitioning numbers using Dienes (base ten equipment) and counting in different steps, to help us use coins. We are learning mathematical skills such as estimating, counting by grouping and finding missing numbers in sequences by identifying patterns.

In Religious Education we have begun building a Bible Timeline. We have also been practising using maps to see where we live in the world and find other places important to us. Our geography learning has also led us to think about the different types of weather people experience around the world.

Year 2 Pondskaters

What a fantastic start to Year 2 we have had in Pondskaters class! We are really enjoying the challenges and new learning opportunities, particularly learning to join our handwriting!  We are growing more resilient and independent every day, persevering with our learning and not giving up even when we find things tricky.

In English we have been doing lots of amazing work around traditional tales. We loved making up actions for “Talk for Write” with our teacher and love to join in with “noisy punctuation”. Do you know what that is?  Year 2 can show you if you ask us kindly! We have also been thinking carefully about the vocabulary choices we make so we can entice the reader. On our “dress up as a character from a movie or story” day, lots of us dressed up as wonderful fairy-tale characters like princesses and knights from our learning in class. We had so much fun and even had the chance to roleplay as our characters!

We are learning to become artists by learning all about printing. We have experimented with positive and negative stencil prints as well as relief and direct printing.

The children have enjoyed our new learning in RE and are now experts on the Jewish Festival “Rosh Hashanah”. Also we have been focusing on our school value “Being Thankful”. We have helped make a beautiful display about things and people we are thankful for and are trying our best to show this school value this half term in all we do.