Year 1

Year 1 Craneflies

All of the children have settled in brilliantly to Year One Crane Flies class learning lots of exciting new things. The children always bring their listening ears and eyes to the carpet so that they never miss anything and enjoy new challenges every day!

Maths has seen the children exploring numbers. We started the term with lots of counting, both forwards and backwards, using concrete resources to help us and exploring the classroom to make groups of different numbered objects. We also learnt that numbers can be represented in different ways, for example as digits, a word or a picture and have also been comparing numbers. We have been building up mathematical vocabulary by using more than and less than to help to develop understanding of number.

In outdoor PE this term, we have been practising our underarm, overarm and chest push passes. The children are taught the movements and encouraged to practise within a range of practical activities to improve precision and control. Indoor PE this term has had a main focus on core strength training. The children have been taught a mixture of balances and movements with the final goal to be able to link them together to create a short routine. The children have been fantastic at remembering the exercises and the names of each movement which are named after different animals!

Year 1 Dragonflies

In Year 1 Dragonflies we have had a fantastic start to Year 1 and have learnt lots already! We have been learning about the weather and seasons in Science.  We have been recognising the signs of Autumn and became meteorologists making wind streamers to investigate the direction of the wind. We have chosen focus trees around our school environment to monitor and observe the changes over the year. Starting our topic of animals including humans has been really exciting. Did you know that humans have five senses that they use to understand the world around them? We became sense detectives and investigated different sights, smells, tastes, sounds and textures…some of them weren’t very nice!


Our phonics has been lots of fun this half-term! We have been revising our phase 2 and 3 sounds…AND we even know some of our phase 5 words already! We love going on sounds hunts around our classroom and in the book corner to find words with the sounds that we are learning. Our tricky words have tried to trick us out but we use our reading eyes and our working walls to help us if we are not sure of our spellings. We are so enthusiastic, we even know that some letters can make different sounds like ‘i’ as in ‘kind’ and ‘i’ in insect. We also know that ‘f’ and ‘ph’ make the same sound. Fab phonics!

Year 1 Fireflies

In Year 1 Fireflies, we have had a wonderful start to our first term! We have brilliant attitudes to our learning and are always keen to challenge ourselves in all of our subjects. We have settled into Year 1 life really well and are very excited to have lots of lovely new learning opportunities!

 In English, we have been using ‘Colourful Semantics’ to help us ‘build’ sentences. We think of it like building a house as we need lots of different bricks in different places to help our house be attractive and strong! We have been discussing ‘who’ ‘doing’ ’what’ and ‘where’  words – by looking at pictures and sharing books together. We have been ‘building’ sentences with these words (even making silly sentences) making sure we include all of the words in our sentence by saying it before we write it.

 We are reading ‘James and the Giant Peach’ as a class and are very excited to find out what is going to happen to James and the creatures on their adventures! We love discovering new words and discussing their meanings, even putting them into new sentences to check that we understand them. Understanding word meanings is a really good skill as it helps with our speaking and also our reading comprehension.

 In RE we have been looking at Creation and God’s Wonderful World. We have talked about the Creation Story in the Bible and made out own Creation book for our Prayer Corner! We have written promises to keep our world clean and safe, and thought of questions about Creation to ask God – Why do zebras have stripes?

 As a class, we decided to do something to help look after God’s Wonderful World. From the WWF website we learnt a bit about some of the endangered animals they help. We voted and decided to sponsor a jaguar. Jaguars are endangered for lots of reasons, one being that their homes (the rainforests) are being destroyed by humans. We were sent a cuddle toy jaguar that we named Claw and an information pack about how our money and support is going to help the jaguars.