Meet The Teachers 2020


We have already been at school for nearly a whole term.  They are so confident in coming into school in the mornings ready to learn.

We have been working really hard with our phonics and have learnt all of phase 2 sounds and are beginning to learn phase 3 as well.  Please help us to practise all our sounds at home as well.   We know about digraphs – just ask us and we’ll tell you what they are.

In Maths we have been thinking about numbers and shapes.  Lots of us know how to say the numbers but we are concentrating on knowing the value of each number and being able to find the correct amount.  We are working on being able to talk about our answers and explain them to those around us.

We are really good at persevering and are working hard on our resilience.  We never give up and we know that it is ok to make mistakes – they just make us better learners!

We love music in Ladybirds and have been listening to different genres of music, we love classical and rock so far but we are still learning about all the different types.  We love exercise time (sometimes to music) and know that it helps us to concentrate during our carpet sessions.

Bumblebees have all been very excited to start our new learning adventure.  We’ve made lots of new friends and are enjoying our new experiences.  We love challenging ourselves both inside and outside of the classroom.  We’re really good at persevering and we never give up!

We enjoy phonics and love learning our actions.  Please continue to help us practise these at home.  We now know all of our Phase 2 sounds and we’ve started on Phase 3.  Sometimes our tricky words try to catch us out but we know that these can’t be sounded out.

In maths, we’ve been learning about numbers and shapes.  We’re very good at saying our numbers and now we’re working hard to understand the value of each number and explain our answers.  We enjoy finding the shapes we’ve learnt about in our environment and using them to create lots of lovely pictures.

Each week, we learn about different types of transport.  We are particularly interested in the speed of different vehicles and different modes of transport across the world. We are a very creative class and have already built a rocket so that we can travel to many different places together! 

We’re very proud of all of our learning so far and we love inviting our parents and grandparents to our stay and plays to see all our hard work.  We really enjoy seeing our grown-ups joining in with our activities and especially our exercise time!