Religious Education

The spiritual development of the children at Christ Church is at the heart of all aspects of the curriculum. In Religious Education, we follow the Southwark Diocesan Scheme of Work enabling pupils to explore the Christian faith and reflect on their place in the world as well as exploring other major faiths.

We are fortunate enough to have close links with our Christ Church, Surbiton. Clergy come into school regularly to lead worship and children have the opportunity to perform in church.

We had a Section 48 RE inspection in December 2019. We received a judgement of excellent in all areas

What Glorious Art work

We painted pictures to show significant events in the life of Jesus, these are on display in our hall. Jesus is shown as a glittery golden figure which reminds us of the Light of Christ and that Jesus is the Light of the World. As we progress through the church year we will show another of our paintings on the website.

In the Spring we are thinking now about Jesus as a baby being presented at the temple where he is met by Simeon and Anna. We remember that as he grew to be a young boy Jesus amazed the elders by his understanding of the Holy Scriptures, this picture shows Jesus as a young boy surrounded by adults who were amazed at his abilities.

The Fruits of the Spirit

We remember the teaching of St Paul in or behaviour policy. We remember that he told the Galatians about the fruits of the spirit. We are able to name each of the 9 fruits with specific actions.