Good to be Green

Environmental Issues

The school is committed to playing a part as responsible members of society. The children are educated through many of the different subject areas, such as PSHE and Science about the need to develop a more sustainable lifestyle. Year 4 provides a green team of 8 children who take action around school to promote green issues and provide a weekly pick up of cardboard and paper for recycling. The recycling is collected regularly by RBK.

Green Travel

The school is committed to encouraging parents and children to use sustainable forms of travel whenever possible. Walking to school is promoted through the WOW scheme which rewards children for walking regularly to and from school. Bikeabiltity courses are run in Year 5 and other initiatives such as pedometer competitions are held regularly throughout the school year. The school has four ECO stars who with the help the local authority help raise awareness of road safety and living in an environmentally friendly way.