Charities we support

At Christ Church School we believe it is important to support charity giving. Learning about giving and helping others links to our ethos and key value of Love for All.  Children begin to understand that they are part of a larger community and that everyone is responsible for those around them. We encourage all to participate in giving and we praise the children for their generosity and empathy to others.

The act of giving to those less fortunate than ourselves helps children begin to realise that the things they have and take for granted are not given to everyone in the world.

The charities we support have been chosen for a number of reasons:

Children’s Charities

Save the Children – to help support children around the world who are less fortunate than ourselves and don’t have many of the things we take for granted.

Children in Need – to help improve the lives of disadvantaged children in the UK.

Red Nose Day – fun activities in school to support vulnerable people and communities.

NSPCC – to help children that have suffered abuse

Charities that have special meaning to our school community

Children’s Trust - children with brain injury

Brain Tumour Research

Reach - helping children with upper limb differences  

Princess Alice Hospice – to support families before, through and after the death of a loved one.



RAKAT -mini bus transport organisation/charity used for school trips

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) – chosen by the School Council as their own charity

Malawi – our ongoing relationship with Chikuakuti School

Poppy Appeal – annual and national