Anglican Community

Anglicanism is a form of Christianity that is part of the Protestant branch of the religion. People throughout the world belong to Anglican churches. Some of those churches have different names, but they are all related. Together they are known as the Anglican Communion. Anglicanism developed in England, and the Church of England is still the main Anglican Church.

Parish life

RE in a Church of England school enables pupils to expand their understanding of the Church by learning about everyday life in a parish.

  • Priests, vicars and curates
  • Lay leaders: churchwardens and PCCs
  • Worship: Eucharist, services of the Word
  • Music in worship
  • Baptisms, confirmations, weddings and funerals
  • Evangelism, Alpha, Emmaus, Credo, etc.
  • Home groups
  • Pilgrimages and retreats
  • Activities for children and young people
  • Community involvement

Beyond the parish

An understanding of the life of the Church beyond the parish boundaries:

  • Dioceses, bishops and cathedrals
  • Archbishops of Canterbury and York and in the rest of the world
  • Lively and growing churches
  • Multicultural Christianity
  • The Anglican Communion
  • Ecumenical partnerships

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