What the Governing Body does

The Governors’ responsibilities are many and varied. They appoint and employ all the staff. They are responsible for admissions, and ensure that religious education and the National Curriculum are being taught properly. They oversee the spending of the School Budget and the use of the premises outside school hours.

Governors are not involved in the day-to-day running of the School: that is the job of the Headteacher and the staff. The Governors are there to represent the community, to offer guidance and support and to encourage good communication at all levels.

Other contact with Governors

Minutes of the regular meetings of the Governing Body are kept in the drawer just inside the front entrance. Policy documents are available to review on request. A number of governors have children at the School, so are regularly to be found in the playground.


Policies are reviewed by Governors at Standards Monitoring Committee meetings.

The following policies are the responsibility of governors - Health and Safety, SEN, Charges, Admissions, RE. Other policies are written by co-ordinators or senior leadership team members and presented to governors for review at standards monitoring meetings and then ratified at full governing body meetings.

All policies are available to parents on the School Policies page or on request.


Finance & Asset Management

Chair: Suzie Askew
Vice Chair: Toan Le

Standards & Curriculum

Chair: Carol Buchanan
Vice Chair: Sue Watson

Faith Group

Chair: John Birchall
Vice Chair: Sue Watson


Chair: Sue Watson
Vice Chair: Phil Halliday

Policies Review Group

Chair: Sue Watson
Vice Chair: Phil Halliday

Pay, Personnel & Performance Management

Chair: Anita Estermann
Vice Chair: Alan Slade